Lake Darby / Westpoint Resident Organization Meeting


This is a regular meeting of the Lake Darby / WestPoint Resident Organization


Zoom Meeting
Password: 3ZZRck


Senior Celebration Caravan

Sign Up
If you’d like to be involved in planning or participating in the celebration caravan, please fill this out and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.
The Caravan will take place on May 23rd, and will start at 5:00pm. Participation is free and open to all class of 2020 seniors, especially the Westpoint graduates from Hilliard and the Westland Graduates.
This is not affiliated with Prairie Township or with the school districts. It is being organized by a group of residents and community members. Participation is at your own liability.
Safety is the highest priority, so by agreeing to participate you’re agreeing to follow traffic laws and by respecting social distancing.

Lake Darby Cleanup

We will meet at the Hubbard Road firehouse and distribute supplies to pick up trash in the neighborhood.